Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kami Craig Selected as a Celebrity Grand Marshal for Santa Babara's Holiday Parade

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Kami Craig made one of her first public appearances on November 30th when she was selected by the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization to appear as the Celebrity Grand Marshal at the city's holiday parade. The annual holiday parade began in 1952 and goes from Cota to Sola Streets and incorporates a number of floats and horse-drawn characters.

Craig has not officially decided whether or not to play in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, at which point she will be 29. When asked by a reporter from Presidio Sports in August, Craig replid, "I’m going to take it one year at a time," however she emphazied her plans to continue conditioning and competing for the world championship team in Barcelona in the summer of 2013. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kami’s Pre-Olympic Regimen

When she was at USC, Kami Craig was interviewed and filmed by USA Water Polo for a “day in the life of” video. The clip offered a perspective into her training regimen and life outside of water polo. Craig, who currently is one of the top ten female water polo players in the world will be making her second Olympic appearance later this month. She has recently been playing with the USA National Women’s Team, with games being played all over the world. Craig was recently interviewed by Diets in Review about her dietary and conditioning habits and experiences and provided fans with an insight about what Olympic training consists of. 

In the summer of 2008, it was reported that swimmer Michael Phelps was eating twelve thousand calories a day and working for eight hours in the pool. Craig’s workout session doesn’t seem as intense, however she tells Diets in Review columnist Brandi Koskie that her team trains six days a week, about five and a half hours a day. Craig reveals that her diet during training sessions consists primarily of fruit, vegetables and lean protein including nuts, eggs, fish, strawberries, blueberries, apples, bananas, kale broccoli and carrots. She further mentions that various smoothies including peanut butter and vanilla are a component of her morning workout. Most of the team’s time is spent with techniques in the pool, however Craig states that is equally as important to spend time with physical fitness in the gym. 

The rest of Craig’s interview can be read at: 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kami Craig named to represent U.S.A. in 2012 Olympics

Craig while playing for USC

Kami Craig, who played with the U.S.A. Women's water polo team in the 2008 Olympics has been selected again to represent the team for the 2012 London Olympics. She will be a member of the 13-woman squad who scored  a Silver Medal in Beijing four years ago, where she scored six goals. In addition to Craig, seven other members from the 2008 team will be returning. She will be playing the position of center, and Craig is currently considered to be one of the best women's centers there is. She had recently been playing with the U.S.A. Women's National Team. The first scheduled match in London is against Hungary starting on July 30th.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kami wins Peter J. Cutino Award Second Year in a Row

The Peter J. Cutino Award, named after the former water polo coach at UC Berkeley coach, is widely considered to be the most prestigious award for collegiate water polo players. There are no professional associations of water polo players in the United States, which means aside from the Olympic teams, the top collegiate players are essentially the best in the country. Kami Craig was awarded this honor in 2009, and since the award's inception in 1999, Craig is the only player to have won the award twice. Since this incredible honor has been bestowed upon Craig twice, and taking into consideration that she has played on the American Olympic team, Craig must be considered amongst the top women water polo players in the country. In addition, in 2010 she was named to the 2010 MPSF All-Tournament Team, along with freshman Patricia Jancso. Water polo does not get as much news coverage compared to other sports such as American football and basketball, however it is equally important at the college level. College players who wish to continue playing after graduation have few avenues for continuation, aside from the Olympics. Craig is currently playing as a center on the USA Women's National Team. She had recently been competing in Greece.    

Monday, December 27, 2010

Kami Craig returns to her alma mater for TeachersCount

Craig giving an interview at Santa Barbara High
On November 19, Kami Craig returned to her former high school, Santa Barbara High School to be honored by TeachersCount, a nonprofit organization that strives to acknowledge and promote the importance of teachers. Craig was recently the recipient of a campaign by TeachersCount known as "Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher". The campaign was created by Allen Kay, with help from other notable individuals including Laura Bush and America Ferrera. The purpose of the campaign is for celebrities or athletes to recognize one of their former teachers or mentors. Craig picked Debbie Penny, her high school resource specialist. Craig mentioned that Penny has a "special place in my heart", and was one of the first people to believe in her academically. Craig was also presented with a check from Staples Inc. for $1,000 that was donated to Santa Barbara High's special edition department. She described her experiences struggling in high school, including growing up with learning disabilities. Penny was able to work with Craig one-on-one and encourage her to attend a four-year university, which would eventually become USC. Penny recalls, "I remember she had gone to, I believe, Australia, and it was right before the finals, she took finals early and email and faxes assignments back early; she wanted it more than anything". Aside from her own personal encouragement, Craig stated that Penny made her feel more comfortable in terms of speaking about learning disabilities, which has enabled her to be a mentor to other kids. Staples has donated more than $18 million to schools and charities to promote learning assistance programs.

USA Water Polo was on hand at the event and has a video


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kami returns to Santa Barbara to play with Santa Barbara Aquatics Club

This week Kami Craig was back in her hometown of Santa Babara to play water polo with the Santa Barbara Aquatics Club. The Santa Barbara team lost to the New York Athletic Club, which currently the best in the nation. Other players on Craig's team included Kelsey O'Brien, Jillian Staph and Tier Schroeder. Presidio Sports featured an article on the event in which "SBAC coach Cathy Neushul said her players were thrilled to play with Craig, a Santa Barbara High grad and the most accomplished women’s player in SBAC club history." Craig had previously played with the Aquatics team before, but the last time was when she was a senior at Santa Barbara High School in 2005. Coach Neushul stated that she hopes Craig will return to make the tournament an annual event.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kami and JW Krumpholz visit the White House

Kami Craig and fellow Peter J. Cutino Award winner JW Krumpholz were both at the White House earlier this week on September 13, as a representatives of USC to attend the a reception hosted by President Barack Obama for over 650 NCAA atheletes, a tradition started by George W. Bush.

USC Women's water polo site has additional interviews from other athletes. 
Craig and Krumpholz on the White House lawn.