Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day in the Life of Kami Craig

I came across this video a while ago. It was filmed and uploaded by USA Water Polo and essentially is a nine minute video of Craig's daily life at USC. Shot on March 30, 2009, the video begins with Craig showing off her Los Angeles pad, the Olympic Village that served as the home for the athletes in the Summer Olympics in 1984. She begins the tour by showing off her kitchen which is entirely painted blue. We then get a look into her fridge, which contains milk, juice and Red Bull for "those late nights of studying". Craig also says that she and her roommates are big pancake fans and often make pancakes on game days.  

The next room is the living room which has an ocean theme and Craig mentions that she and her four roommates are all "surfers or lovers of the beach". The room contains large couches, which are used by Craig and her roommates to "lounge around" on. A projection TV can be seen in the background next to the wall of pictures, which appear to be primarily beach-themed. Adjoining the living room appears to be Craig's bedroom, which she has all to herself. The room, appearing on the second floor of the apartment is "super comfortable" and shows us her bed which appears to be used frequently. Craig mentions that sleep is very important for an athlete. She appears to utilize a MacBook and an iPod dock is seen near the head of the bed, suggesting that she is an avid Apple fan. One corner of the room contains her dressed which is topped of by pictures of her team, her friends, mom and sign of the word "Dream". Especially important to Craig is a photo of her team that won the Pan-American games and qualified for the Olympics in Rio De Janiero. Her prize possession, however, seems to be her Silver Olympic medal that she sleeps with under her pillow. To the left side of her room, Craig has a mirror mounted on the
wall as well as a photo of an monster wave. She hones in on a small photo
of her boyfriend, brings it up close and flashes a smile for the camera and
says, "My very cute boyfriend, right here...he likes to surf with me and uh
that's really fun. We get along and do a lot of really cool things together".   She then turns around to retrieve a second photo that appears to be Craig
and her boyfriend wearing wetsuits and kissing at their favorite beach. She then goes on to shop off her surfboard that she received in July of 2008, a 21st birthday present from her mom and boyfriend. The Olympic rings are painted on the board, commemorating her team's participation.

After the tour of her house, Craig heads out at 11:55am on her green beach cruiser bicycle. She joins five of her teammates for lunch at the Galen Athlete Center on USC's campus. She described the Center as the usual hangout place. After lunch, she heads off the gym for weights before afternoon practice. Her routine in the weight room consists of lifting bars, dumbbells and assisted leg workouts. After an hour of weight training, Craig attends her social psychological class. She is a sociology major. Class runs from 2pm to 3:15 and then she heads off to her afternoon water polo practice session. At 4pm, she arrives at McDonald Swim Stadium and briefly describes the typical routines that she does for practice. During practice, she mentions how much of an honor it is to be part of the USC water polo team and how good her coach is.

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