Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kami wins Peter J. Cutino Award Second Year in a Row

The Peter J. Cutino Award, named after the former water polo coach at UC Berkeley coach, is widely considered to be the most prestigious award for collegiate water polo players. There are no professional associations of water polo players in the United States, which means aside from the Olympic teams, the top collegiate players are essentially the best in the country. Kami Craig was awarded this honor in 2009, and since the award's inception in 1999, Craig is the only player to have won the award twice. Since this incredible honor has been bestowed upon Craig twice, and taking into consideration that she has played on the American Olympic team, Craig must be considered amongst the top women water polo players in the country. In addition, in 2010 she was named to the 2010 MPSF All-Tournament Team, along with freshman Patricia Jancso. Water polo does not get as much news coverage compared to other sports such as American football and basketball, however it is equally important at the college level. College players who wish to continue playing after graduation have few avenues for continuation, aside from the Olympics. Craig is currently playing as a center on the USA Women's National Team. She had recently been competing in Greece.